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COVID Risk Comfort Zone
I'm like a vampire, except I'm not crossing that threshold even if you invite me.
Title text: I'm like a vampire, except I'm not crossing that threshold even if you invite me.


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This comic depicts a spectrum of ways in which someone (here depicted by Cueball) could refuse to enter someone's house or other enclosed space. The first option is overly technical to the extreme, to the point where they have created a spreadsheet, and effectively reiterate common health advice during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Being overly technical is a common trope among xkcd comics -- in particular, Outside Cueball's fervent insistence that he made a spreadsheet so he doesn't "overthink every minor decision" is disproved by (a) the fact that he made a spreadsheet and (b) the events of 2330: Acceptable Risk. The second option that is presented is the most reasonable of the three, being an expression of reasonable concern, and a polite refusal to enter. The last option is simplified to the extreme, and successfully insults the owner of the building while still expressing a desire to avoid coming inside. The title text appears to be a continuation of the last panel. In it, someone, presumably Cueball, compares themselves to a vampire, because folklore has it that vampires cannot enter a building without permission. However, the speaker has no interest in coming inside, despite any invitations that they may have, whereas vampires usually want to come inside to drain the occupants blood. Some will even take measures to trick an invitation out of a hesitant "host", which is something that would be unthinkable to Outside Cueball under the COVID circumstances.

As a fourth option compromise between the second and third choices, Cueball could just flatly refuse: "No," or "No, thank you." We don't know the circumstances here (is Inside Cueball a friend of Outside Cueball, or just a passing acquaintance?), but clearly there's no urgent reason that Outside Cueball has to go inside, and so he doesn't owe Inside Cueball any explanation (nor any insults).

Other comics mentioning "COVID-19 risk" include 2330: Acceptable Risk and 2333: COVID Risk Chart.


Ambox notice.png This transcript is incomplete. Please help editing it! Thanks.
Ways to say no when someone tells you to do something outside your COVID risk comfort zone:
[A comic with three panels is shown.]
[The first panel is large. There are 2 Cueballs each wearing masks. Inside Cueball appears to be in a doorway that leads into a building. Outside Cueball is showing Inside Cueball a phone.]
Label: Too Indirect
Inside Cueball: You have to come inside.
Outside Cueball: Ok, but... I've been trying to follow the science, and they're really emphasizing the transmission risk in enclosed spaces. I know you're wearing a mask, and I feel so awkward making a scene over a tiny risk. But I'm trying to keep my overall risk acceptably low, which means having simple rules so I don't overthink every minor decision. See, if you look at this spreadsheet-
[Second panel, smaller. Only the Cueball outside is shown now.]
Label: Direct
Outside Cueball: I'm so sorry, but I'm avoiding shared indoor spaces unless it's an emergency.
[Third panel, even smaller. Only the Cueball outside is shown.]
Label: Too Direct
Outside Cueball: I'm not setting foot in your haunted plague box.

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