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Alien Visitors 2
"Although fresh juice DOES sound--" "NO! For humanity to survive we must learn from the mistakes of the past."
Title text: "Although fresh juice DOES sound--" "NO! For humanity to survive we must learn from the mistakes of the past."


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In the return of the aliens from the previous comic, they show more redundant inventions.

Biplanes are planes with two sets of wings, which have more drag than a monoplane.

A blimp is a lighter than air aircraft with no internal structure. The point raised about hydrogen would be because it is highly flammable and dangerous. The Hindenbug was a famous explosion of a hydrogen airship (although zeppelin airships are not blimps because they have an internal structural framework and they're called rigid airships in contrast to blimps, that just rely on the internal pressure of their lifting gas to mantain their shape).

Tetraethyllead was a chemical added to gasoline from the 1920's to the 1990's to prevent Engine Knock, until it was revealed to have highly toxic effects. The aliens seem unaware of these toxic effects, and indeed quite concerned by them, implying they might be using leaded gasoline themselves.

Juicero was a juicer known for its absurd inefficiency and greedy business model: the machine would only work on the company's proprietary branded single-serving bags of pre-juiced fruit sold for $7-10 each, and more juice could be extracted from the bags by hand than by the press. Basically, they were selling $10 Capri Sun bags and a $700 machine to empty them into a cup for you.

After the latest showing of unimpressive "inventions", the humans start questioning how "advanced" the aliens really are, asking if they built the flying saucer themselves and suggesting that it might be wise to avoid standing directly beneath it in case it suddenly crashes to earth.


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