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  • These comics are inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • The fifth of these comics, 2279: Symptoms, came out on March 11, 2020, the day when the outbreak was declared a world wide pandemic.
  • The first comic about COVID-19 came out as the first comic in March, and all 13 comics from March 2020 were about COVID-19.
    • A total of 19 comics in a row were related to this pandemic, except the April fool's comic, 2288: Collector's Edition, which was probably already in the making when the first comic came out (and even if so its release was delayed until April 3rd). (So 19 out of 20).
    • Some find pleasure in the fact that it was 19 comics on COVID-19!
    • After those 20 comics more have appeared that are not directly related to COVID-19, but Randall keeps returning to the subject.
      • Also those comics that are not directly about COVID-19 could often be inspired by things related to COVID-19.
  • Note that although these comics are all related by references to COVID-19 they are not a comic series, as most of them has no direct relation to the story or subject of the others, except the overall relation to COVID-19.
    • There can be exceptions within the category, as there now is a direct series relating to the Coronavirus Genome.
  • After 2307: Alive Or Not about the question of whether a virus is alive or not, there came a break in the COVID-19 related comics.
    • That was on May 15, which was 2.5 months after the first comic.
    • In that period 27 out of 33 comics had been inspired by the pandemic.
  • In the beginning of 2021 several comics relating to the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines have been released.
  • Over the first two years of the pandemic 87 comic relating to the pandemic has been released. And from the first of those release 2020-03-02 to the last there was rarely long breaks between two releases to mention the pandemic.
    • The record was 24 releases without mention, between 2306: Common Cold and 2330: Acceptable Risk, so 8 weeks. But that was the only time with more than 20 between, and there has only been 6 other breaks with more than 10 releases between them.
    • But after the last of those 87, 2563: Throat and Nasal Passages released already on 2022-01-03 (two month before the 2 year day), there has not been further pandemic comics released.
    • This was noticed when 2615: Welcome Back was released on 2022-05-04, four month later (52 releases or 17 weeks). Because in that comic the pandemic is mentioned, but only briefly in the title text. So the welcome back was not welcome back to COVID-19 comics.
    • If this is counted as a COVID-19 comic, the span was still more than double as long as the previously longest break


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