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First appearance 337: Post Office Showdown
Appearances 89
For a list of comics, see Comics featuring Hairbun.

Hairbun is a stick figure character in xkcd. Like most characters in xkcd, she does not necessarily represent the same person from comic to comic. She is distinguished by her hair, set up in a bun. She can have several variations of her hair style, and occasionally uses glasses.


Hairbun with glasses from 1756: I'm With Her.
Hairbun with a bun and trailing hair from 1737: Datacenter Scale.
Hairbun with curly hair from 1645: Toasts.
Hairbun is a minor character in xkcd. She appeared two weeks in a row in the spring of 2015 (1504: Opportunity and 1507: Metaball) and was recognized as a "new" character at that time, though she had been used several times prior to then.

However, after comic 1500 she has appeared fourteen times from 1504: Opportunity to 1756: I'm With Her (which was the second comic in a row with her). This is more than once every 20th comic, compared to only twenty times before comic 1500 which is only once every 75th comic, so there was a good reason for why she was not "discovered" before.

She is not the same character from comic to comic. She is mainly just another woman that Randall can use when he wishes to give a woman a specific characteristic so to set her aside from the more commonly used women, Megan and Ponytail. Often, she is depicted together with both Megan and Ponytail proving this point. (Ten appearances as of February 2016: 703, 708, 1052, 1253, 1504, 1507, 1601, 1637, 1645 and 1756.) She has, for instance, represented the mother of both Megan and Cueball, see the list below under the list of Hairbuns drawn with glasses.